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EPS Video Series

This page provides videos that offer an introduction to the model, a tour of the web interface, and other helpful content. Watching these videos is a wonderful way to gain background on the tool and how to take advantage of its capabilities.

1: Project Overview

This video discusses the high-level structure of the simulator, how it has been applied to various countries in the past, how it is similar to and differs from other energy and economic models, and some of the national laboratories and universities that peer reviewed the tool.

EPS version 1.3.1 was current when this video was made.

2: A Tour of the Web Interface

This video provides a thorough introduction to how to perform analysis with the Energy Policy Simulator using its user-friendly, yet powerful, web interface. It shows how to build policy packages, to customize a policy’s implementation schedule, to select from 80 different output graphs, to compare multiple scenarios, and more.

EPS version 1.4.1 was current when this video was made.

3: A Look Inside the Simulator

This video explains how to install and use the Energy Policy Simulator (EPS). Topics include how to download and install Vensim and the EPS, navigate within the model, interpret the variables you see, run the model, set policy levers, save and load scenarios, and generate output graphs and tables.

EPS version 1.4.2 was current when this video was made.

4: Input Data and Adapting the EPS to New Regions

This video explains how the Energy Policy Simulator's input data is structured and the steps involved in adapting the simulator to a new country or region. It also walks through the process of creating a custom policy implementation schedule and associating that schedule with a policy scenario.

EPS version 1.4.2 was current when this video was made.

This page was last updated in version 3.0.0.