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How to Conduct Analysis in Vensim Model Reader

Note: Much of the content in this section of the documentation is also available in video form. On the EPS Video Series page, view Video 3: A Look Inside the Simulator.

Vensim Model Reader is the free version of Vensim, the program in which the Energy Policy Simulator (EPS) is built. Instructions for how to obtain Vensim Model Reader and the EPS are available on the Download and Installation page.

Performing basic analysis tasks in Vensim Model Reader requires three steps: running the model, setting policy lever values, and producing output (in graphical or table form). It is also possible to produce multiple scenarios (each with different policy settings) and compare their output. In addition to setting policy lever values, a user can specify a custom policy implementation schedule (that is, specifying the strength with which each policy is applied in each year of the model run), allowing for the investigation of policies that have delayed starts, that stop becoming more stringent before 2030, etc.

This section of the EPS documentation will walk through some basic analysis tasks, but it is not a replacement for the Vensim Model Reader instruction manual. To understand the full range of capabilities of Vensim Model Reader, please refer to the help files that were installed with Vensim (in the "Help" menu, select the "Instructions" menu item), or refer to the online version of Vensim's documentation.

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