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Hong Kong Energy Policy Simulator

The Alberta Energy Policy Simulator (EPS) is a free and open-source computer model created by World Resources Institute and Civic Exchange. It is adapted from software originally created by Energy Innovation LLC.

Model Download

The Hong Kong Energy Policy Simulator may be used on this website through your web browser, or the full version may be downloaded to your computer by clicking the button below. Note that you will need to go through the steps explained on the EPS download page in order to install the required software and make use of the downloadable version of the model.

Download the Hong Kong Energy Policy Simulator

Acknowledgement of Contributors and Reviewers

We would like to acknowledge the following people who helped adapt the Energy Policy Simulator for Hong Kong. Individuals are listed alphabetically.

  • Mengpin Ge, WRI
  • J Robert Gibson, HKUST
  • Roman Henning, former WRI staff
  • Xiaoqian Jiang, WRI
  • Lawrence Lu, Civic Exchange
  • Yujia Ren, WRI intern
  • Qianyu Shao, WRI intern
  • Yazhen Wu, WRI intern
  • Wenyi Xi, WRI

Version History

2.0.0-v3 - June 24, 2020

  • Shifted units to report fuel outputs and travel demand in TJ and kilometers (web-app/BCF, web-app/BpTPEU, web-app/CDCF)
  • Corrected bug in the cost of municipal solid waste plants (elec/CCaMC)
  • Edits to policy settings in the Decarbonization Scenario

2.0.0-v2 - Jan 21, 2020

  • Corrected currency unit conversion factor (web-app/OCCF)

2.0.0 - Dec 11, 2019

  • Initial Release

Software License

The Energy Policy Simulator (EPS) is released under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3) or any later version and is free and open-source software. Refer to the Software License page for full details.

Image Credits

Hong Kong Skyline
Lawrence Iu
License: This photo was taken by Lawrence Iu (at Civic Exchange). Lawrence sent this image and granted permission to use it for the Hong Kong EPS on 9/5/2019.
Changes: Image has been cropped and a fade has been applied to the left side.